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Rainbow Shade z16

Rainbow Shade z16

The Rainbow Shade z16 has a reputation unmatched for durability, sun protection and quality. It is also available in a range of 24 fashion colours from the neutral and subtle to the bright and vivid.

Rainbow Shade z16 offers the highest UV protection factor at up to 99%, and will also reduce heat and the intensity of glare. Tests have demonstrated it as the superior shade cloth for UPF over a 15-year time-span, making it an ideal choice when protection from the sun’s rays are your priority.

Rainbow Shade z16 is a lightweight fabric, at 200GSM, which is coupled with it being particularly long-lasting and sturdy in the elements. It features a high tensile strength, making it especially suitable for large-scale shade constructions. You will also appreciate how low-maintenance this winning shade cloth is.

Choose Rainbow Shade z16 for:

  • Car Parks
  • Schools and Child Care Centres
  • Outdoor Dining and Retail Areas
  • Temporary and Semi-Permanent Structures
  • Hotels
  • Swimming Pools
  • Council Amenties
  • Factories and Warehouses
  • Large Structured Shade Constructions
  • Sporting Clubs

Colour Options