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Rainbow Shade eXtreme 32

Rainbow Shade eXtreme 32

If you are seeking a shade cloth that will deliver coverage, strength, weather resistance, durability, sun protection and quality, then Rainbow Shade eXtreme 32 is for you.

Rainbow Shade eXtreme 32 is a heavy-duty shade cloth of extreme strength and durability. It has a GSM of 320, making it one of the heaviest shade cloths around, and it is fully compliant with the industry standard for fire resistance AS 1530.3. It is designed for large spans. It comes in a range of 14 attractive and fashionable colours in a palette of neutrals, dark tones and primary colours.

Rainbow Shade eXtreme offers high UV protection factor at up to 95.8% and is very easy care. It is superior in strength, is tear-resistant, highly stable and resilient and extremely durable, making it perfect for longlasting structures that will withstand high weather while protecting people and property from the sun.

Choose Rainbow Shade eXtreme 32 for:

  • Large Car Parks
  • Schools and Child Care Centres
  • Outdoor Dining and Retail Areas
  • Sporting Amenities
  • Large Swimming Pools
  • Wineries and Hotels
  • Council Amenities
  • Factories and Warehouses
  • Large-scale architectural shade for all commercial uses

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