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Custom Shade Sails


As a shade sail construction expert, we can tell you that there is a significant difference between a custom made shade sail and a pre-made shade sail like what you would buy at bunnings or on amazon or ebay. While both options offer shade and sun protection, the manufacturing process and resulting product can vary greatly. Here are the key differences between a custom made shade sail and a pre-made shade sail:

Exact Dimensions

One of the biggest advantages of a custom made shade sail is that it is made to exact dimensions. This means that the shade sail will fit the intended space perfectly, providing maximum coverage and shade. The process of measuring and designing a custom shade sail ensures that it will fit the unique shape and dimensions of the area, allowing for a more efficient and effective use of space.

On the other hand, pre-made shade sails are typically made in standard sizes and shapes. This can be limiting for areas that require unique or irregular shapes, as the pre-made option may not provide the desired coverage or fit. Additionally, pre-made shade sails can have gaps or overhangs that do not align with the intended space, resulting in less than ideal sun protection.

Quality of Materials

Custom made shade sails are typically made with higher quality materials compared to pre-made options. This is because the materials used can be specifically chosen to suit the intended use and weather conditions. For example, a custom shade sail for a coastal area with high winds and salt exposure may require different materials compared to a shade sail for a residential backyard.

Pre-made shade sails, on the other hand, are often made with lower quality materials to keep costs down. This can result in a shorter lifespan, lower durability, and less effective sun protection.


Another key difference between custom made and pre-made shade sails is the level of workmanship involved. Custom made shade sails are typically handcrafted by skilled professionals, ensuring that every detail is attended to and the shade sail is made to the highest standards. This includes attention to the stitching, reinforced corners, and overall structural integrity.

Pre-made shade sails are often mass-produced in a factory, which can result in lower quality workmanship. This can result in frayed edges, weak stitching, and overall lower quality product.

In conclusion, while pre-made shade sails can offer a more cost-effective solution, they may not provide the same level of customization, quality of materials, and workmanship as a custom made shade sail. For areas that require exact dimensions, high-quality materials, and skilled workmanship, a custom made shade sail is the ideal choice for maximum shade and sun protection.